Prizes and Fun!!

April 1, 2009

dominocontestlogoWe’ve got prizes to give away to our Domino Inspired My Home Contest entrants.  Thanks again to everyone who entered and shared their home with us!

In the Vignette category, we had Alison’s bedroom, S. Freeman’s bedroom, Louise’s bedroom, and Beth’s living room wall.  In the Whole Room category, we had AG’s dining room, Don’s conservatory, Nicole’s living room, Kate’s kitchen, Kylee’s living room, and Kate C’s dining area.

Prizes: Prizes are the same for both the Whole Room and Vignette categories

First PlaceDomino: The Book of Decorating, Simon Doonan’s Eccentric Glamour, and $25 gift card to Goodwill (or your favorite thrift store)

Second Place –  Ty Pennignton’s Good Design Can Change Your Life, and a $15 gift card to Goodwill (or your favorite thrift store)

Third PlaceSheetrock and Shellac: A Thinking Person’s Guide to the Art and Science of Home Improvement by David Owen, and a $10 gift card to Goodwill (or your favorite thrift store)


The books were provided to us by Simon and Schuster.  Thanks for your help, Nina!  And as I stated, the prizes were not determined by merit/reader favorites, but were determined by “true randomness” as created by Random.org.

Vignette Winners:
First Place – S. Freeman’s bedroom
Second Place – Beth’s living room wall
Third Place – Alison’s bedroom

Whole Room Winners:
First Place – Nicole’s living room
Second Place – Kylee’s living room
Third Place – Kate C’s dining area

Winners: Please contact me with your address, telephone number, and contact info (preferably a website) for your local thrift store of choice.

Here’s a few pictures from the winner’s entries, definitely click on their posts to see the whole entry!

S.'s Bedroom Vignette

S.'s Bedroom Vignette

Beth's living room wall

Beth's Living Room Vignette

Alison's Bedroom Vignette

Alison's Bedroom Vignette

Nicole's living room

Nicole's living room

Kylee's living room

Kylee's living room

Kate C's dining area

Kate C's dining area


And the winner is??

March 27, 2009

Frankly, this whole Contest thing has turned my stomach.  Tried to keep it positive, recruited more prizes, ponied up my own money.  I’m off for a long weekend retreat with my mom out of state, will get to see the rest of my immediate family on Sunday, try to put this crud behind me, and Monday, I’ll turn over a new leaf here on We Love Domino.  The prizes will be determined by random selection.  And then we’ll get back to the business at hand of commemorating Domino.  Thank you, kind readers, for keeping up with the true love at hand here.



Tam’s Own Outfit-Turned-Chair

March 25, 2009

Tam, of Get It Girl Style, had her own experience in turning her favorite fuchsia pants into a chair.  Check it out:

When I bought this chair it reminded of the Domino feature about making an outfit into a room…Well it was meant to be…the day I walked into Homegoods with my pink pants on, I saw the chair out of the corner of my eye and had to get it for my fab office!


Her chair is in the corner of her office, which I’d recommend clicking over to see more of, it’s a great space.


Oh, and even Eddie Ross loves it! Great work, Tam!


Thanks, Tam!


Hey, Where Did the Voting Go?

March 25, 2009

dominocontestlogoI am sadden to need to inform you that because of cheating, the contest results will have to be determined another way.

I will announce the new plan in the near future after how we’re going to proceed forward after the details have been finalized.  Thank you for your patience.


The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Kate C.

March 20, 2009
dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Dining Room

I am a 24 year old fashion stylist living in Washington, D.C. I also co-write the blog Style Redux on fashion and interior design. Beth, who has been doing the series Domino’s Icons of Style for this blog, is my Mom.

I moved into my first apartment when I graduated from college in May of 2007. I wanted my first place to reflect my sense of style, but on a limited budget.
As a Charter subscriber to Domino, I was constantly inspired by their attention to great style, not big price tags and big name designers. Their rooms were chic, young, modern, and achievable.
My dining room has 10 foot ceilings, great light, and beautiful views of Georgetown. I did not want the furnishings to compete with the space. These three photos from Domino served as inspiration for my dining room. In the October 2005 issue, I was taken by the Saarinen tulip table, pale pink palette, and a the minimalist yet dramatic approach.
The second photo that inspired this room, shown above from the  June 2006 issue, here again the light palette and embracing of negative space. The piece of inspiration came from the August 2007 issue, showing a gorgeous paper lantern by Isamu Noguchi. I also liked the use of round tables, which to me is much more Zen and inviting. I tried to incorporate these concepts in my dining room.
The paper lantern floor lamps from Ikea on sale for $20 pay homage to Noguchi. I used the floor lamps because with a concrete ceiling I could not center a chandelier over the table. The male and female forms are chic and dramatic. The table is a knock off of the Knoll Saarinen tulip table at Ikea for about $100.

These wonderful pale blue supernatural chairs keep my pale and airy palette, and the holes let you see right through them. They are indoor/outdoor, so down the road I could use them on a balcony or patio. They were designed by Ross Lovegrove for Moroso. When light passes through the holes, it creates gorgeous shadows. They are easily found online and come in an array of colors.

The white linen sheers from Ikea are light and airy and pick up the circle pattern in the chairs. I hope you like this room; I think it has a very serene and ethereal quality. It is a wonderful place to have a morning cup of tea and watch the city wake up, or to order in a dinner of Thai food with friends.
Thanks, Kate!

Contest Update

March 19, 2009

It has come to my attention that I haven’t received at least one entry into the contest that I should have (Kate C & your dining room, please re-send), and so I’m writing to find out if there was any others. If you submitted your space but haven’t seen it on the site, comment on this post with your basic info (name and room) in the comments, and re-send your entry to:

The correct email address!

Someone, emailing about a separate item, said an email to me didn’t come through last week, so I’m wondering what’s up.

Also, because we received a relatively limited number of entries, everyone is going to qualify for the finals.  When it comes time to vote, you will be able to easily click through the entries again to review before voting.

I’ll put up the voting options tomorrow, Friday March 20th, after posting any entries that didn’t make it to my inbox (provided that there aren’t more than a few of them, otherwise I’ll keep posting the entries over the weekend, we’ll go back to the original finalists plan, and voting will be pushed back at that point).  I’ll make sure everyone has plenty of time to vote, we’ll probably keep it open until next Friday at this point.

Sorry about the delays, I just want to make sure that everyone who entered gets to participate!  Thank you for all of your patience!

And if you have any other questions, feel free to comment or email.  Thanks!


The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Kylee

March 18, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Living Room

Domino inspired a few different aspects of my living room and the way the whole thing came together.  There are three specific looks that I want to point out.

— The blue paint.  I searched for a robin’s egg/seafoam color after seeing it again and again on the pages of Domino.


— Also, the gold mirrors against one wall.  I’m still working on finding more mirrors to fill in the gaps, but that is part of the fun!

— There is a close-up a chair that I am almost done reupholstering.  Talk about DIY!  I’ve never reupholstered before and let me tell you it is tough!  I painted the wood white and changed the fabric from a horrible mauve to a beige grey linen, and was considering doing brass tacks.  Then I saw the loveseat in the dressing room of J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons, which had the normal upholstery tacks, without decorative tacks.  I had never seen that before and kind of like it!  So, I might keep it that way.


— The third thing that I was inspired by are the bookshelves against one wall.  The way I arranged knick-knacks and books came out of Domino.  Besides my favorite books, other things on display include a little water-color painting by my sister, crystal candle holders from my deceased grandmother, a limoges bowl, a framed photo of my childhood home, a special invitation I had framed, etc.  The first bookcase on the left is my boyfriends, so I have little control of what’s on it!  I just let him put his stuff there and then I arranged it the best I could!


Most of my furniture are craigslist finds, including the couch (originally from Macy’s), the coffee table, and both upholstered chairs.  The metal magazine racks, perfect for displaying my Dominos were originally from Pottery Barn, but were craigslist scores.  The rug was from Overstock.com.  The three matching bookcases were from Ikea.


The small blue table in the corner, my favorite, was from Goodwill.  The painting of Gwyneth Paltrow was done by me (a photo of me and Gwyneth can be seen on one of the bookshelves).  The picture of a ballerina is a Moses Sawyer lithograph.  The art board has a charcoal I’m still working on.  The lampshade is from Anthropologie.  The yellow silk pillow on the couch was from a trip to China.  The grey cashmere throw is from Williams-Sonoma Home.


The inspiration photos come from the following issues:


April 06 – Decorating in small spaces.  This is where the Chair Inspiration photo comes from.  Not sure about the story details, because I found the photo in the online galleries at dominomag.com

Dec/Jan 08 – “A Rental with Permanent Appeal” – Markham Roberts NYC apartment, shelves p.141

May 08 – Fabulous Faux, bookcase p. 31
“Master of Illlusion” – Stephen Shubel Marin Cty., mirrors p. 117

Nov 08 – “Totally Modern Timelessness” – Jenna Lyons Brooklyn brownstone, chair p. 111

March 08 – Endnote – Linda Rodin, blue paint p. 138
“Object Lessons” – Lili Diallo Brooklyn loft, blue paint p. 106

Thanks, Kylee!


The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Beth

March 18, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Living Room

This vignette is a wall in my living room that I feel captures the essence of Domino for me.

1. Chinoiserie – Domino loved to use chinoiserie to add a luxe, glamorous elegance to any room. The key is to mix it with modern pieces to keep it fresh. (December 2005) I used a Chinese garden stool, this beautiful lacquer chest, Chinese calligraphy brushes, and framed an antique silk kimono fragment I found on eBay.


Beth's Living Room Vignette

2. Louis XVI Chair and especially the Philipe Stark Ghost Chair – Domino called this their mascot they used it so much. (October 2006) This iconic piece bridges the antique (Louis XVI) with modern (lucite). Lucite was another Domino favorite. I love the way you see through the chair to the painting.

3. Tableau – Domino showed us how to compose a tableau of beautiful objects. I liked Kelly Wearstler’s recommendation of changing up the scale, form and material to energize a tableau. (October 2008) I put together objects I love – a hand painted vase, an elegant liquer bottle, pins from J.Crew, a paperweight from Paper Source, calligraphy brushes, a goose feather topiary decorated with vintage Christmas ornaments.

4. Art – I was inspired by Domino’s suggestion of using a large-scale unframed canvas as a visual point of interest to focus the energy of the room. (April 2007) I have also been drawn to calligraphic art and these calligraphy brushes. I picked up a canvas and a gold paint pen and for $40 and 1 hour of work, I have a dramatic original work of art. The modern nude is another Domino inspiration from their article about painting-a-day art bloggers. (July/August 2006) I leaned two of the pieces of art against the wall and left them unframed for a chic modern approach.

I hope you like it!


Thanks, Beth!


Contest Update: Voting

March 18, 2009

dominocontestlogoMy fellow Domino lovers,

I have been really under the weather as of late, and combined with my day job’s busiest part of busy season, I haven’t been able to get the contest voting started as soon as promised.  I will have it up by tomorrow morning, and will keep voting open through next Tuesday night.

We have really great entries into the contest, so I encourage you to look back and start considering whom you’ll vote for!  Thanks for your understanding, and for your appreciation of all things Domino.

Special thanks to all of our contestants who were brave enough to share their homes with us and inspire us!


The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Alison

March 17, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Bedroom

My otomi coverlet idea was inspired by the June 2006 issue that was a feature about freshening up your bedroom for the changing seasons.  I’ve had an Otomi since I purchased it in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico when we were married there five years ago.  The Domino pic was a perfect was for me to enjoy it!


Alison's Bedroom Vignette

Alison's Bedroom Vignette

Thanks, Alison!