The Happiest Days Are Domino-Arrives-In-Mailbox Days

January 30, 2009

I love Domino, and I know many, many other people do.  Banality vanished for a few days each month, beginning the day my beloved Domino magazine would appear in my mailbox.

headboardI know I will be lost without my beloved Domino.  There has been none like you, dear Domino, with your original decorating wit and wonderful, unpretentious mix of both high and low decor fashion, just like those of us in the real world–not just the design world–do.

So, like the editors of Domino, it is with a heavy heart I will miss Domino.  I think the editors of Domino need to be reminded about how much we love them, and what we want to see if, by some fate of God, Domino doesn’t RIP anytime soon.

In all things it is better to hope than to despair.
von Goethe



  1. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Domino Magazine or Conde Nast. I’m just a Domino fan on a little crusade to commemorate my one true magazine love.

  2. Yes, let us hope Domino doesn’t fall.

  3. sob, sob, SOB! And what the heck are they going to replace my beloved Domino with….THEY OWE ME 12 ISSUES!!!

    I’m worried that Veranda will show up in my mailbox…

  4. Why did they kill it? I loved that magazine. It was one of the few shelter magz I enjoyed. Whyyyyyyyyyyy?

  5. It’s because of their loss of ad sales. There’s an explanation on the website. I am so upset at the thought of a life without Domino! I look forward to a new issue every month! And March is the very last one! I get Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home and House Beautiful, but none of them compare to Domino. I love Living Etc and British Elle Decoration but I don’t think it’s possible to get a subscription to those since they’re both from England. But check those out at a really good news stand because are fabulous. I miss Domino already! I even got my mom into it!

  6. Great idea for creating this tribute blog. I think once they pull the website it will really feel like its gone. Michele

  7. Agreed. I love this magazine and I cannot believe it is folding. The only magazine that comes close is (as mentioned above) Living Etc which will probably cost >$100 for a subscription to the US. Come back Domino!

  8. This will be my fifth post mourning the loss of Domino. (see below) It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my sorrow. Since I’m sure the editors and staff are feeling like crap right now, too, I hope Deb Needleman et al are reading the kind words from their devoted fans out there in the blogosphere. What a damn shame, Conde Nast. You guys really let a GREAT thing go.

    Since this is a love-in for Domino, I thought it would be okay to include my collection of farewells:

    Posted on Domino’s Facebook page:
    Mary Jo Roth at 8:17pm February 2
    Since hearing the sad, sad news last Thursday of Domino being yanked by Conde Nast, I’ve been re-reading my back issues. I’ve been a subscriber since the charter issue and thank goodness I didn’t give in to the recycling gods by pitching my collection. Domino hooked me with its unique way of presenting interior design and stylish living in an unintimidating and accessible way to ALL of us, regardless of age and income. Besides this website, I’ve posted on Apt Therapy and sent emails to Conde Nast. People are genuinely upset about this decision. There exists a real void now in the shelter magazine category, and my little creative corner of the world. Domino, I am so sorry to see you go. I wish you all well.
    Sent to Domino editors:
    To the editors and staff:
    My heart goes out to all of you. Hearing the news that Conde Nast was shutting down the publication of Domino was devastating. I’ve been with you since the beginning and am so sorry to see you go. Each month I anxiously awaited the arrival of the new issue and would spend an entire Sunday night in bed reading cover to cover.
    The powers-that-be at Conde Nast are making a huge mistake. Domino was the first and last shelter magazine to represent the way many of us truly live. They should have done more to save it.
    Best wishes,
    Mary Jo Roth
    Sent to Domino as a reply to the “farewell” email:
    Say it isn’t so!!! Domino is the ONLY shelter mag on newstands that truly represents a realistic depiction of the way the majority of us live – and aspire to live. Prior to its debut there were two extreme options on news stands — Better Homes and Gardens-type (too Suzy Homemaker) at one end of the spectrum and Elle Decor-type (too high-end fantasy) at the other — neither of which spoke to the stylish, urban, apt-dwelling design-loving diy-er. I’ve saved every single issue from the beginning of publication and refer to them constantly for ideas and inspiration.

    Wow… I am beside myself. Conde Nast executives should have made more of an effort to save this outstanding publication. Best wishes to the editors and staff.


    Mary Jo Roth, charter subscription holder
    The following was posted in the comments section of Apartment Therapy:
    Reading the news of Domino’s demise has ruined my whole weekend; I, too, like AphroChick, am taking this very badly. Like many of you, Domino was my absolute favorite shelter mag. Incidently, #2. Blueprint (canceled!), #3. O at Home (canceled!), #4. InStyle Home (canceled!), #5). Budget Living (canceled!). Yes, I love Living, Etc, but most of the items shown can’t be found here in the US. And while I do read Elle Decor and Met Home for inspiration, those are fantasy mags to me because the editorial spreads and items featured are way out of my league. Apt Therapy is my favorite blog, but nothing compares to lying in bed late at night with my favorite magazines.

    What is wrong with this picture? Rather, what is wrong with the major publishing houses? I don’t think any of the above mentioned titles folded because of lack of readership. As everyone mentions, it’s because of lack of ad revenue. There seems to be a real disconnect here. Magazines are published to be READ by an adoring subscriber base, no? Why, then, does its existence depend on ad sales, for goodness sake?

    AND, now that the above 5 magazines are gone, there is really NOTHING left for the urban, stylish, design-loving, apt-dwelling, flea market-shopping diy-er of limited means to refer to or read. Apartment Therapy, you people should publish a magazine with the same content featured on your blog!!! Revolutionize the industry! We NEED a magazine that represents our demographic. Seriously.

    Now that I’ve gotten this off my chest, I’m going to continue reminiscing with my stack of Dominos. (I have every single one since the first issue!) Boo hoo…
    posted by mjkitty7nyc on 2009-02-01 16:50:15

    Boo hoo, indeed. Farewell, Domino.

  9. I too have kept every issue since the inception, on my coffe table right now lays the Kelly Wearstler issue. I cannot go one day without flipping through an issue to inspire a different room or just to relax. I have never seen a shelter magazine with such an elegant yet youthful appeal. Domino is truly a one of a kind, and it may sound foolish, but everyone who knows me knows how truly depressing this is for me. BTW, they are replacing the subscriptions with Real Simple, yuck!!!

  10. I am glad I’m not the only one who took this news worse than one should short of losing a dear friend. I look forward to the domino every month, and I have plenty of past issues and the book, but it just won’t be the same. There was a vibe to Domino that really was doable and made me happy and kept me involved. I wish I had every issue (maybe I do), but I’ll try to scavenge the rest in the next few weeks.

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