What Do You Love About Domino?

January 30, 2009

openbook1 Let’s hear from you–
what do you love most
about Domino?

Feel free to come back and add more thoughts as remember the good ‘ol days.  Tell your friends to share theirs too!



  1. This post is dedicated to you, the Domino lover. Let us know what’s on your Domino Love radar!

  2. One of my recent favorites was the dressing room/guest room…seemed like a really good idea for a teen or college student who doesn’t mind climbing into the loft and has a ton of clothes.

    I had a loft bed growing up and used the area underneath in my smallish room to study at a desk, and relax on a beanbag chair. The Domino version, however, is much more grown-up (and has the headroom mine didn’t).

  3. Domino was and is the coolest home magazine ever!! Thank god I saved all issues! There is no other magazine that appeals to real people like Domino, most of the decor magazines on the market only show highend expensive and alot of times tacky/ matchy crap that everyone else seems to have in other words no creativity or indivisuality.

  4. everything everything everything

  5. Domino appeals to me for so many reasons: the interiors are fabulous and unlike anything else out there. It has an artsy, chic, in-the-now feel to it, giving a you-can-do-it-too sense of self. No other magazine gives tips on places to eat and shop in favorite cities, what to wear while out eating and shopping, tips on entertaining, and how to handle awkward encounters while entertaing. I’m going to miss it desperately.

  6. Thanks for all the work you’re doing to keep Domino alive! I wrote my own farewell post last week–but how cool would it be if all our farewells were actually not needed?


  7. Everything with a capital E!

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