Don’t Go, Domino

February 2, 2009
Today’s guest post is by Sherry of This Young House.  Although the home she shares with husband John is full of great eye candy, they also have their Domino favorites and have shared them here with us.  Enjoy!

I’m not gonna lie. When I heard that Domino closed its doors I did the ugly cry. John wasn’t quite as emotional (men!) but he certainly did his part to console me while I sobbed and fanned myself with a few of my favorite back issues (we actually have every issue since the magazine’s inception in 2005). But although Domino is no longer churning out eye candy, it’s far from forgotten. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite glossy’s glossy features…

Our dream Domino house would have this entryway:
Dream Entryway

Or maybe this one:
Alternate Entryway #1

Or this one:
Alternate Entryway #2

And our kitchen would look like this:
Classic Kitchen

Or this:
Classic Kitchen Alternate

This would be our darling living room:
Darling Living Room

And our loo would woo:
Loo That Woos

Our guest bedroom would look a little something like this:
Guest Bedroom

And our master bedroom would either look like this:
Master Bedroom

Or this:
Master Bedroom Alternate

And of course our backyard would be as magical as the rest of the house:
Magical Backyard

Thanks for keepin’ us dreaming for four wonderful years, Domino. Gorgeous spaces like these aren’t easily forgotten. Smoooooch.

Thanks, Sherry!



  1. Great idea for a blog!
    I would love to see scanned pictures from past Domino magazines. Since Domino is done (at least in print), let’s share what we have!!
    Please donate generously! Keep Domino alive!!!

  2. […] to put together a lil’ post about which Domino images inspired us most. You can check it out here, and if any of you bloggers would like to contribute to her fabulous new project, feel free to […]

  3. I just came across the sad fate of Domino this weekend, and it wasn’t until I re-flipped through a back issue three times this weekend gathering more ideas that the realization really set in. I just embarked on the homeowning journey a little over a year ago, and I am really just starting to get into reno/decor mode. Sadly, I only have one back issue, and I was just commenting to a friend last week about the abundance of ideas it contains. I’ll be scouring blogs for sure now to file away images to keep on file for creative inspiration in the months to come!

  4. […] Don’t Go, Domino Today’s guest post is by Sherry of This Young House.  Although the home she shares with husband John is full of […] […]

  5. Hello! Thanks for posting this blog. Is there *anything* we can do to save Domino? Everyone I know loves and appreciates it so much. Even my 65 year old mother loves to flip through its pages.

  6. Thank You! I am really sad that I don’t have all the back issues… Now I have created a special storage spot for the issues I do have though. Please post pictures from early Domino (they are still so great to look at!)

  7. So glad I found this blog. I’m sooo bummed about Domino!!! It was my all time favorite magazine.

  8. I can’t tell you how devastated I am about the news of Domino. I can barely pick myself off the floor. How could they possibly do this? I will buy 10 subcriptions to save Domino. If we all just could buy 10………they would add up. sniff.

  9. Dreamy. Just dreamy!

  10. Your blog is gorgeus! So happy I found it

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