Deco File Favorites: Bright Whites & Splashes of Color

February 4, 2009
Today’s guest post is by Victoria of sfgirlbybay, where she focuses on a bohemian modern style.  She shares a couple of her Deco file favorites here–and lots more on her blog.

I know I am just one of the many readers mourning the life of Domino magazine. We’re not left with many home decor magazine subscription options here in the United States, and I think we’re all wishing Domino would at the very least, keep up the Domino website, the Daily Dose blog, and the My Deco Files. I have loved contributing to My Deco Files, and discovering tons of new decor inspiration there.

So, I thought I’d round up a ‘Best of Deco Files‘ to share with you all in a series, beginning with this one – decorating with bright whites, and bright splashes of color – one of my personal favorite ways to decorate at the moment. Maybe, if we beg and plead, they will keep Domino alive online!

Two of my favorite bright white & splashes of color interiors include these:



Thanks, Victoria!



  1. Such beautiful rooms! These rooms make me so excited for spring.

    Don’t go Domino! Don’t go!

  2. But that top one is not from Domino!!
    That is a corner of Victoria’s own home. Nice, but yikes. A tad pretentious for picking your own image as a favorite. That’s already a given!

  3. Sandra – Her post is about the things she’s collected in her “My Deco File,” which isn’t limited to images from Domino, but everywhere, including your own. I think it shows that Domino style is definitely approachable, implementable, and real, unlike a lot of other decor magazines out there.

  4. Hmmm.
    I understand your Domino Decofile can display images other than Domino, which is fabulous but obsolete. I see where Sandra is coming from.
    Two images and one is Sfgirlbybay’s own home. No others to choose from? 50/50 egocentric and/or a means to further promote her space. Just my two cents.

  5. Hello,
    It is nice seeing a site dedicated to keeping all that we loved about domino very much alive!
    Domino pioneered a style that we now see in many places on the web, and many blogs, too, as is the case of the white with splashes of color trend.

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