Domino Captured by Brush

February 6, 2009
dominoannechovieToday’s guest post is by Anne of Annechovie, also known as the great artist who was featured in Domino’s slideshow of Art Gifting.  The text from the slideshow: “Anne Harwell’s work, with its focus on classic chairs, rooms and household accoutrements, makes a perfect gift for design devotees.”  [And extremely approachable as well, the print featured is a mere $22!  Check out her Etsy shop for many more great pieces.]

Like so many of you, I was shocked and disappointed when I heard Domino’s days were numbered.  I liked Domino for many reasons, but I most appreciated it for the expressive, eclectic and colorful way of living it promoted and inspired.  A new freedom of expression in decorating was celebrated and there was nothing stifling or cookie-cutter about the rooms and articles in Domino’s pages.

Being a huge fan of color and taking risks with it, I was thrilled to see them promoting unexpected color combos and rooms with more graphic punch than most other shelter mags would dare to feature. I remember seeing the very first copy on the newsstand and then being inspired by so many that followed. Countless pages were torn out and not only placed in my “favorites” files, but even used as inspiration for some of my own paintings.

Here below are examples of some of my favorite Domino rooms that I was compelled to capture with my brush. I will very much miss getting my copy every month and perusing the inspiring pages!

The charming and bright living room in Creative Director Sara Ruffin Costello’s apartment, photographed by her husband, Paul:


“Aqua Interior,”  by Anne:

“Moorish Interior,” by Anne:


Based on the gorgeous room with an unusual color combination designed by Alberto Pinto and photographed by Giorgio Baroni:


Thanks, Anne!



  1. That first photo is my absolute favorite!

  2. I love Annes version of the first picture- so pretty!

  3. I love Domino and I love Anne…the perfect combination!

  4. love Anne and her work, this eases the pain of the loss of domino.

  5. Hi Anne
    I remember your lovely paintings from Dominio so well. The magazine will be missed.

  6. please subscribe me. thank you.

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