Domino’s Icons of Style #1: The Zebra Rug

February 20, 2009
Today’s guest post is from Beth of Style Redux–who shared that great W.H. Auden poem with us–and will be bringing us the mini-series, Domino’s Icons of Style.  Let us know what your personal opinion of each icon of style is in the comments: love it? hate it? used it in your own place?  We want to know what you think!

I am still shocked at the shortsightedness of Conde Nast and their inability to think outside the box. There is now not one shelter magazine for a younger demographic. Couldn’t they have tried making it into an online magazine, using design blog heavy hitters like Peak of Chic, Habitually Chic, and Design Sponge as writers and having guest bloggers as well? Let’s face is, digital journalism is the direction everything is headed. I haven’t even looked at the last issue of Domino I am in such denial.

I have been a bit overwhelmed at the thought of how to capture in one post all that Domino Magazine has brought to the interior design table for me. I realized that more than the wonderful rooms, its legacy to me will be those things Domino has made iconic in the design lexicon, like the Louis XVI chair, Miles Redd’s birdcage bed, the Saarinen table, the list goes on and on…I had so many pictures collected, Kate suggested a series of posts, so here we go with the first one!

Icon of Style: Zebra Rug


Whether playing up other stripes, intricately patterned wallpaper or furniture, a white walled rental apartment, a room filled with antiques, an entryway, a cozy room, an office, or a black and white palette, the zebra rug always works.




Nowadays made of dyed cowhide or even needlepoint, the striking black and white stripes add glamor as well as a striking graphic quality to any room.









Thanks, Beth!


  1. Great blog and post. Have you seen the article in the NY Post this week? http://www.nypost.com/seven/02172009/gossip/pagesix/dearly_missed_155521.htm
    If your readers could go there and leave comments on their blog it may help. It’s an incredible platform and in direct sights of Conde Nast who has really ignored its customer. Thanks for this wonderful site!

  2. I love the domino inspired zebra print rug. I wish my dog didn’t shed so much so I could actually have one!

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  8. Amazing rugs. These rugs are pretty pricey especially when you buy them in the states or europe. Best is to buy from Africa.

  9. They really are fantastic rugs, I dont think that they are cheap to buy though…

  10. I really liked your blog! good

  11. I was wondering where the pink chairs are from?? (in the room with the yellow walls and brown couch) I love them!

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  13. Loved the zebra pattern with hues of blue in the other piece in the decor…love the blue already an did not know they wouldgo so well together…adding a zebra rug right this week to my entryway…:)

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  15. We are offering you the chance to win a FREE rug just visit our blog at the rugmen and win today… Or just chat about all things rug so come on have a go you may be lucky…..

  16. We are offering you the chance to win a FREE rug just visit our blog at the rugmen and win today… Or just chat about all things rugs and things

  17. I found this blog as i was in the midst of grieving Domino. My favorite dwelling magazine ever!!! Revolutionary!!! Found an old issue at the Drs. office and begged them for it!!! Would of had a hard time not stealing it had they denied me!!! Read Dwell now but not he same not the same. Not even close. Use beter Homes and Gardens to start fires in the fire place with. Want back issues. Will read this blog!!

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