Domino – Mere Magazine, or Friend?

February 23, 2009
Today’s guest post is by Alison of My Little Happy Place, and is a Texan living in Brazil.  Her Little Happy Place features things that make your heart flutter and and allow you to just be.  Check out the great, inexpensive dining room re-do she did while visiting her sister recently!

Do you remember your first issue of Domino?  I don’t have to reach too far back into memory; you see, I’m a Domino newbie (gasp!)  Its been less than a year that I’ve had the privilege of scouring the pages of the delightful magazine, and maybe that provides a different perspective on the loss of this wonderful resource.

You had me at hello – from that first June/July ’08 issue:

Have you ever heard the story of friends?  I won’t go into all the details, but the take-away is this:  friends enter our lives at certain times for a reason.  They may leave us before we are ready, but more than likely, their friendship has served a purpose in our lives.

This yellow & gray combo inspired my family room redo:

Doesn’t everyone crave an all-white room at some point?

Despite my husband’s teasing, I consider Domino magazine a trusted friend.  I remember seeing my first issue of the magazine (June/July ’08) and thinking – where have I been? There stood before me the most dynamic decor images I’d ever seen!  The timing was especially pertinent, as I was feeling very out-of-sorts, wondering how I could do something with my love of all things decor, home renovation, and design.  I can’t say Domino gave me a pathway, but it certainly reinforced the idea that you must follow your heart – do what you love.

Is it possible to have a dream laundry room?  Domino thought so!

If I had to name one thing about Domino I love, it would be the very honest and down-to-earth approach it brought to design.  Like a blissfully talented friend, Domino was confident enough in its abilities to share tips and resources – not merely the wonderful images.

And, nobody did the traditional/modern/rustic/glam mix better – and introduced me to a whole new perspective:

For most of us, our friendship with Domino has ended much too soon, but it has left an indelible mark on how we approach design, one that will benefit us long after our memories of our favorite dog-eared pages have faded.  Thank you, Domino, for the short but inspiring friendship.
Here’s to You!

Thanks, Alison!


  1. I LOVE that last kitchen, that is the perfect kitchen for me.

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