Domino’s Icons of Style #2: Pink Walls

February 24, 2009
Today’s guest post is another installment in the series, Domino’s Icons of Style, by Beth of Style Redux.  Let us know what your personal opinion of each icon of style is in the comments: love it? hate it? used it in your own place?  We want to know what you think!

Domino brought pink rooms into the mainstream, not reserved for the nursery or girl’s bedroom. It showed us that pink is gorgeous in virtually any setting. These photos may inspire you to try it in a living room, a city apartment, a ceiling, a man’s apartment, an entryway, a dining room, a master bedroom, even a kitchen!






Pink is a great neutral and a very elegant choice.







I was inspired by Domino to use pink in my dressing room which is the last picture.  I even took a shopping bag from Thomas Pink and had the paint store match the color.


Check out Icons of Style #1: Zebra Rugs here.

Thanks, Beth!


  1. So many shades of pink…every taste, really!

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  3. Love your dressing room — that’s a great, grown-up pink. I love the idea of painting a room in my house a deep pink and I think it’d be great in a bathroom (rosy hues are definitely more flattering!).

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  8. […] Domino Icons of Style #2: Pink Walls […]

  9. What gets you excited about life?

  10. What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?

  11. […] Domino Icons of Style #2: Pink Walls […]

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