Domino’s Icons of Style #3: Miles Redd Birdcage Bed

February 25, 2009
Today’s guest post is another installment in the series, Domino’s Icons of Style, by Beth of Style Redux.  Let us know what your personal opinion of each icon of style is in the comments: love it? hate it? used it in your own place?  We want to know what you think!

This is my favorite photo from Domino. It captures everything I admired about Domino’s sense of style-elegant, sophisticated, modern, fresh, and achievable. Interior Designer Miles Redd did an amazing job with this room. I love the dramatic architectural bed, the Chinese wallpaper, the white linens, the bold use of  vivid blue in the zigzag rug, lamps, and stools. He really did achieve turning the room into an indoor garden with the bed becoming a bird cage.

But it is also a room you could do yourself at many different price points. I bought a very similar bed at Pottery Barn Teen for $899. In fact, the wonderfully talented and charmingly irreverent Nick Olsen, former Deal Hunter on Domino’s Daily Dose, featured this bed as a well priced alternative to his boss Miles Redd’s choice. (Nick has not disappeared-he has started his own blog-Nick Olsen Style.)


Pottery Barn Teen Campaign Bed in queen size $899 (no longer available)


Anthropologie Italian Campaign Bed $1698 for queen size

Anthropologie has a great canopy bed like this also.

Here are some alternative, well-priced versions of the pieces used in this room; I’m sure you can find others.


Anthropologie Avian Apartment Wallpaper $88/roll


Ikea Lykta Lamp in Turquoise $12.99


Ikea Sveje Rug $12.99 for 3' x 5'-use several together to make a larger rug!


West Elm Zigzag Rug $183 for 5' x 8'


Madeline Weinrib Zigzag Rug-expensive but stunning!


Bamboo Stool-easily found online and in stores for about $25: spray paint a pair turquoise blue

The point is that, unlike magazines like Architectural Digest, Domino showed us great style that we could successfully achieve, not just dream about. Even the room size is a typical bedroom, not one you’d find in a mansion.

I will leave you with a great quote about having confidence in your own decorating abilities. The gorgeous townhouse of Julie and Luke Janklow is currently listed in Manhattan at $25 million. It has been featured many times in blogs and magazines. Here is a great quote by Julie about her mostly self designed townhouse:

“I can’t imagine someone decorating my house.
It would be like someone dressing me every morning, telling me what to wear.”

So be fearless, take risks. Domino would be proud.

Thanks, Beth!

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Icons of Style #2: Pink Walls


  1. Wow – what a great look. I am crazy about the Chinese wallpaper in the inspiration room, with the wonderful vines and birds. Is it Degournay do you think?

  2. that bed is fantastic. so is the wallpaper. but the gourd lamps make me want to poke my eyes out. and those ikea lamps you showed as a sub are WAAAAY too small. i own one of them and it is tiny. the scale is way off. i use the lamp as a nightlight in my 4 year old’s room. but i do love the little table idea and painting it. although i need almost a dining table by my bed with the ammount of crap i drop there.

  3. Thanks for that post!

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  7. Does anyone know the manufacturer on the Chinese wallpaper in Miles’ birdcage room?

  8. I am most interested in the Zebra rugs/Domino’s Icons of Style # 1. Feb 20, 2009… What Magazine? Where can I find this item..
    much appreciated. I am not familiar with who Domino is….great design.
    Much Appreciated.

  9. How did you and grandma/grandpa meet

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