What Will Fill the Void?

February 26, 2009
Nasa Image, Hubble Telescope: Monster Black Holes are Everywhere

Nasa Image, Hubble Telescope: Monster Black Holes are Everywhere

My current stage of getting over Domino’s demise: anger.

The black hole that is magazine publishers has sucked in its biggest victim yet, Domino, and we are left to figure out what to do from here while somehow feeding our own need for a great design periodical.  When I think about the hole left where Domino was, I am genuinely depressed.  Si Newhouse, are you happy that you’ve made much of the design world go into mourning???  Ugh, it disgusts me.

Condé Nast CEO Chuck Townsend said in a statement that it was because “this economic market will not support our business expectations.”

A spokeswoman told The Observer that the economy forced an immediate decision. But it appeared to have all the signs of that old tale told throughout the ages at Condé Nast: Si Newhouse woke up and made a decision.

-Quoted from this New York Observer article

If you look at Conde Nast’s lineup, so much of it is filled with pretension.  THREE golf magazines??  Stuffy Architectural Digest?  This is the thing, titles like Domino, and even Cookie to a certain extent, are the new frontier of magazines, but their own poor decision making means that they won’t be moving forward into a new era–of people with disposable income who choose not to blow it on golf but rather design and not the AD type–but resting on their laurels as long as they can.  Most of Conde Nast titles are for those who have boatloads of money, or aspire to.  Which will continue to work for a while, as long as Si is still alive in fact, meaning little will change until someone else can take the helm.

Did any of you take that survey that Domino had pleaded with its email list to take?  I’m a sucker for those, in a good way, so I took it.  How could I not want to help out my beloved Domino?  Did anyone else realize that it was focused on expensive travel and whether or not I planned to take any?

I don’t care, Mr. Newhouse, if Travel & Leisure is filled with beautiful photos of that great, reasonably priced at $150-a-night hotel in Morroco, because I can’t afford to get there in the first place!  A girl can only do so much drooling before she wants to drool over the attainable and relevant to her own life, which is what Domino was.  I would rather spend that money on a new sofa than a flight to Morroco if I have to choose one or the other.  Although I’d go to Morocco if I could, life doesn’t work that way most of the time for most of America that they get to choose both.

A Sun-like star goes out in a blaze of glory

Nasa Image, Hubble Telescope: A Sun-like star goes out in a blaze of glory

And don’t give me the line about advertisers not being plentiful enough.  Sure, not all of the ones already working with Conde Nast can fill this new arena, but look at it as a new opportunity.  There are tons of places I shop at and want to shop at that would fit the demographic of Domino readers (if you want a list, Si, I’d be happy to provide it), but it’s just truly mean to 850,000+ people to deprive us of Domino because your sales staff couldn’t figure it out and reach outside of their own usual contacts.

Before my blood boils further and I’m inclined to take out my rage on the poor, unsuspecting barrista at my coffeeshop or on my coworkers, I’m going to stop and get on asking you, my dear reader, what you are going to fill the void with:

What magazines will begin to fill the Domino-sized void left in your heart?

I need options people, I had put almost all of my eggs in the Domino basket and don’t know where to go from here.  Help me, my dear Domino lovers!

And because I can’t go without my eye candy, today’s images are from
Ask Dara





From NASA, about the top picture on the mammoth black hole (and my own personal view of Si Newhouse right now, who is missing the fact that “black holes have an intimate relationship with their host galaxies”):
The hubs of most galaxies have a mammoth resident that loves to gobble up anything that wanders near it. This sleeping monster, Hubble observations confirmed, is a black hole with a mass millions to billions times that of our Sun. Not only are black holes everywhere, but they also have an intimate relationship with their host galaxies.

Hubble observations revealed that a tight relationship exists between the masses of the central black holes and those of the galactic bulges of old stars, gas, and dust that surround them. Monstrous galaxies, for example, have titanic black holes. This close relationship may be evidence that black holes grew with their galaxies, feasting on a measured diet of gas and stars swirling around the hearts of those galaxies.



  1. First, let me say that nothing will replace Domino. I don’t want to incur your anger. It was “my first, my last, my everything”-Barry White. But I do think House Beautiful is getting much more with it and I am enjoying it more than ever. Also, I am canceling all my Conde Nast subscriptions in protest and am sending them a letter explaining that it is because of their Domino debacle.

  2. Great post. What are we going to do??? Couldn’t Domino go Indie? Could it survive that way?

  3. I am heartsick, but mostly because I never really got to experience Domino. I’m in the same boat, only more so. I’ve never been interested in decor until I bought my first house literally a month ago. I was just starting to sift through the magazines when I stumbled on to Domino and heard the Alleluja chorus in my head. This was EXACTLY what I needed to fit my style, my boyfriend’s style, and our meager 20-somethings’ budget. I rush out to my local book shop, buy a copy, go online to get a subscription and…”we are not taking any new subscriptions at this time.” Ugg. Now what the heck am I supposed to do? Elle Decor is the favorite of my design friend, so I’m going to give it a try…but I want the choir to sing in my head again. Alas…

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