A Favorite: Rashida Jones’ Studio Apartment

March 1, 2009
Actress Rashida Jones; picture from Wikipedia

Actress Rashida Jones; picture from Wikipedia

One of my favorite features in Domino was Rashida Jones’ New York City studio apartment that appeared a year ago, in the February 2008 issue.

A mere 400 square feet were transformed into a chic and restful space.

The space combined smart storage, a great color palette and a great mix of modern, ethnic and classic furniture–and highlighted Domino’s 3-step plan for an organized home.

    • Step 1: The efficient floorplan
    • Step 2: Hidden storage
    • Step 3: A focused color scheme

Rashida’s couch was centered between two bookcases to create symetry in the room to start.  “Nimble pieces,” as Domino calls them, like the Morrocan side tables, allow for multiple uses around the small space, including cocktail table, nightstand and dining side table.



The Efficient Floorplan

The Efficient Floorplan

Also included in the efficient floorplan was turning the bed length-ways along the wall and 4 different places to store items. “Turning the bed so that the long side is against a wall—allowing it to function more like a daybed—frees up precious square footage and gives the place an airier feel.”

Hidden Storage

Hidden Storage

Without sacrificing much–none in most of these examples–square footage, under the bed, behind the curtains and inside the lower cupboards of the bookcases turn into great places to stash necessities.

Stash extra sheets and bulkier clothing items under the bed

Stash extra sheets and bulkier clothing items under the bed

The curtains not just cloaking the windows but also extra storage for only a few square feet.

The curtains don't just cloak the windows, but also extra storage for only a few square feet.


Boxes are a great place to stash papers in case you need to open the cupboards while you have company


The white-painted wood unifies different types of wood, and the very light blue paint on the walls reflects light and provide more interest than white painted walls would.  “In this apartment, an artist’s print, antique Persian rug, and throw pillows were the basis for a black-and-white, blue and magenta scheme.”



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  3. Thank god for this link! I had bookmarked Rashida’s home tour from Domino’s site and of course it was a dead link. So glad to find it again!

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