Our Tribute to Beautiful Small Living Spaces, Part I

March 4, 2009

We’ve already featured Rashida Jones’ 400 sq. foot apartment….and it’s featured in the We Love Domino header on the far left and far right!

This one shows us how to live a full life–including lots of books for you bibliophiles–in only 625 sq. feet.  The Domino slide show says, “In this small apartment, assigning areas for specific purposes and designing each distinctly makes the space seem bigger.”



This room, designed by Antony Todd, has demension despite it’s small floor plan. I’m sure the minimal but beautiful color palatte also helps to unify the space but not make it look bland–who loves that wall color like I do??


"The urn and the corner screen add depth to this tight spot."

Perhaps not for the claustrophobic, but a great idea for making a small, difficult space actually functional, “[t]he shape of these turned headboards allows the beds to fit just right between the window and the wall making an impossibly small room a cozy useful space.”


Readers were asked to contribute their advice for small space decorating.  Here are a few of their tips:

Can you believe this room is only 9x9??

Can you believe this room is only 9x9??

“Chocolate brown walls actually make the 9′ x 9′ space feel larger.”
— Rebekah from Auburn Hills, MI


“Low, modular seating creates an illusion of height and openness.”
— Glynn from Lowell, MA

What’s your favorite small space tip?


  1. The first image is one of my favorites from Domino.

  2. twin beds are great specially if the space in your room is not that large ‘

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