We Love Domino is in the Washington Post!

March 5, 2009

twp_logo_300Exciting news: The Washington Post Blog Watch features We Love Domino today! The article focuses on the attempts to keep Domino alive, and to continue its legacy. Thanks to Terri Sapienza for keeping on the lookout for us, and contacting us to find out more.

Also mentioned is Beth, who is bringing us the Domino Icons of Style series, and her blog, Style Redux. Congrats, Beth!

The article is on page 2 of the Home and Garden section if you’re able to get your hands on an actual copy (there isn’t a single place in the entire Twin Cities that sells the Post, so I’m relying on friends to send me copies!), or check it out online.

Thanks to you and your support, big things are happening around here!

Supon, from Washington DC, won a Readers Choice Award from Domino

Supon, from Washington DC, won a Readers Choice Award from Domino

Supon on her great place: “The inspiration for my living room came from three of my favorite cities: London, Miami, and Palm Springs. To me, they’re elegant, sophisticated, and very chic. I wanted my living space to have the ‘wow’ factor. Using oversize furnishings—from a gigantic ottoman to a large faux fur lamp to 75 yards of white backdrop—create drama. I’ve never been interested in what’s in or out, so I choose my home decor based on my tastes and lifestyle. Good design doesn’t have to be costly: I’ve also created my own artworks and picked up some objects from flea markets. The contents inside these four walls literally represent me. And in my opinion, that’s a real winner.”


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  1. Well done! i’ll check the post on line!

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