Reminder & Mogg Blogg’s “Evil Plan”

March 6, 2009

dominocontestlogoDon’t forget to stage your place this weekend and take pics in daylight when possible!  Besides, wouldn’t a picture-worthy apartment make you feel better and more hopeful that spring will finally arrive?

We’ve received a few entries already to The Domino Inspired My Home Contest, we’ll start posting them next week – and we know more are on the way, but your chances of wining one of SIX great prize packs are high.  You have just over 1 week to enter.  Click on the link to get all of the details.  Remember, there are great prizes to be had, all for snapping a few pics and emailing them off!

bad-decorAnd if you definitely don’t have Domino-worthy place, or in the past lived in one huge decorating faux pas, (or many small ones_, you should check out Mogg Blogg’s Evil Plan to give away 2 copies of the Domino Guide to Decorating—either enter a pic or make a comment on this post and you’re entered to win over there.

I’m even wondering if you have to have lived in the place to enter the pic? [Jenny wondered where the Mogg girls got a pic of her MIL’s living room!]

In any case, happy Friday, folks!


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  1. hm. really like it )

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