The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Louise

March 9, 2009
dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Bedroom
I chose to show you all my bedroom for two of its Domino inspired features – my version of the “antlers” that frequent Domino’s pages (and were recently blogged about on this site) and my solution for a tricky headboard situation.
Louise's Bedroom Vignette

Louise's Bedroom Vignette

My version of the antlers is actually a wicker bull’s head that once belonged to my father. His mother brought it home from Spain back in the 60’s and stayed on his bedroom wall for many years. If you look closely above its right eye you can see a rather large hole which was the result of a unfortunate incident with a dart. I love the sentimental meaning this item holds for me, and I especially love how “in” antlers, deer heads, etc. have become.

The building I live in is an old house divided into individual units. Mine is only 400 sq. ft. I love the charm, but I hate some of leftover features that were never removed, such as a couple of doors that lead to nowhere. One of those doors is behind the curtains I put up as a sort of headboard. My bed could only fit against this wall, so I had to find a creative solution for covering up the unsightly, and absolutely useless door.

Since I live on a tight budget and cannot afford an extremely tall headboard, I turned to Domino for creative ideas. In the July/August 2006 issue I found one fashioned out of hanging fabric. I used leftover curtains to try and create a similar look. I am very satisfied with the finished product! Seriously, you would never know there is a door there 🙂

As for the rest of the items you see in this photograph… Everything is a hand-me-down or a flea market find. Ok well maybe not the bed linens which I’ve had since college. Anyway, I’ve listed it out for you below:

Bed linens: Bed Bath and Beyond (circa 2004)
Gold zebra pattern pillows: The Sleepy Poet antique store, Charlotte, NC
Silk sage curtains: Pottery Barn, I think
Valance: Linens N’ Things
Lamp: Hand-me-down
Bull’s head: Hand-me-down
Sconce (far right): The Plantation Shop, Charlotte, NC
Side table: Hand-me-down
Bolster pillow: The Sleepy Poet antique store, Charlotte, NC
Green pillow: My first attempt at needlepoint

There are so many things I’d like to do to this room, if only I had the funds and the permission from my landlord! First thing would be some (colorful) wallpaper!!! If Domino has given me one thing over the years it is a newfound appreciation for wallpaper. Well, that and countless hours of pleasure reading. I’ll miss you Domino!!!!
Thanks for entering, Louise!


  1. Brilliant idea for covering the door!

    Joy and Janet

  2. Very inventive and very well done. I like the way you explained your sources and your Domino inspiration.

  3. Love this!
    Pretty amazing use of only a 400 sq. ft. space!

  4. Great job with the curtains

  5. Hi Louise

    When did you buy the valance from Linens N Things? I just checked their website and couldn’t find it. I love your room, by the way. I also use the same colors in my own home!


  6. Sherill-
    Linens N Things was recently relaunched under new ownership, which is probably why they don’t carry my particular valance anymore. Sorry about that!

  7. Love the bulls-head and the story behind it! Great color story, too. Fabulous job!

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  9. Love it Lou! You inspire ME.

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