The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Beth

March 18, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Living Room

This vignette is a wall in my living room that I feel captures the essence of Domino for me.

1. Chinoiserie – Domino loved to use chinoiserie to add a luxe, glamorous elegance to any room. The key is to mix it with modern pieces to keep it fresh. (December 2005) I used a Chinese garden stool, this beautiful lacquer chest, Chinese calligraphy brushes, and framed an antique silk kimono fragment I found on eBay.


Beth's Living Room Vignette

2. Louis XVI Chair and especially the Philipe Stark Ghost Chair – Domino called this their mascot they used it so much. (October 2006) This iconic piece bridges the antique (Louis XVI) with modern (lucite). Lucite was another Domino favorite. I love the way you see through the chair to the painting.

3. Tableau – Domino showed us how to compose a tableau of beautiful objects. I liked Kelly Wearstler’s recommendation of changing up the scale, form and material to energize a tableau. (October 2008) I put together objects I love – a hand painted vase, an elegant liquer bottle, pins from J.Crew, a paperweight from Paper Source, calligraphy brushes, a goose feather topiary decorated with vintage Christmas ornaments.

4. Art – I was inspired by Domino’s suggestion of using a large-scale unframed canvas as a visual point of interest to focus the energy of the room. (April 2007) I have also been drawn to calligraphic art and these calligraphy brushes. I picked up a canvas and a gold paint pen and for $40 and 1 hour of work, I have a dramatic original work of art. The modern nude is another Domino inspiration from their article about painting-a-day art bloggers. (July/August 2006) I leaned two of the pieces of art against the wall and left them unframed for a chic modern approach.

I hope you like it!


Thanks, Beth!


Contest Update: Voting

March 18, 2009

dominocontestlogoMy fellow Domino lovers,

I have been really under the weather as of late, and combined with my day job’s busiest part of busy season, I haven’t been able to get the contest voting started as soon as promised.  I will have it up by tomorrow morning, and will keep voting open through next Tuesday night.

We have really great entries into the contest, so I encourage you to look back and start considering whom you’ll vote for!  Thanks for your understanding, and for your appreciation of all things Domino.

Special thanks to all of our contestants who were brave enough to share their homes with us and inspire us!


The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Alison

March 17, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Bedroom

My otomi coverlet idea was inspired by the June 2006 issue that was a feature about freshening up your bedroom for the changing seasons.  I’ve had an Otomi since I purchased it in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico when we were married there five years ago.  The Domino pic was a perfect was for me to enjoy it!


Alison's Bedroom Vignette

Alison's Bedroom Vignette

Thanks, Alison!


The Domino Inspored My Home Contest Entry: AG

March 17, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Dining Room

It might be a bit of a cheat to say Domino inspired my use of antlers, because I was using them in my home decor before I ever even read an issue of Domino, BUT the magazine did further my creative interest with them.  I like them both singly as natural, sculptural elements, and in groups – my husband intertwined a set we had to make the best of a rather ugly chandelier!




Thanks, AG!


The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Don

March 16, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Conservatory

I have a small-enclosed balcony that I wanted to have the feel of an English conservatory.  It overlooks a great water view that I wished to feature, not compete with.

As a charter subscriber to Domino Magazine, I always admired the Saarinen table and thought that its elegant and understated profile would be perfect for this space.  The sleek, round Saarinen table, with its stealth profile, opened up this area and gave me an unobstructed view of the river outside.  The rest of the room flowed from this table.

As Beth of Style Redux said, it was a favorite of Domino Magazine and she doubts there was a single issue that did not feature a “tulip” or “pedestal” table.  I soon realized this table would be perfect for me and I wanted the original.  I chose the black marble version.  I selected a green palette to bring the outdoors in.  The walls were done in a pale celadon green.

Domino also inspired the Philippe Starck Louis ghost chairs.  I picked out understated roman shades to keep the expansive view.  I used many garden related accessories to keep the conservatory feeling — slate floors, a garden stool, topiaries and silk flowers, a pagoda lantern, a copper and metal etagere and botanicals.


The curvy and see-through Philippe Starck ghost chairs complement my Saarinen table and aid my quest to stylishly preserve my view.


The gray-green slate floors enhance the elegant table and chairs and add an outdoors quality to my conservatory.

Finally, a Lucite console table was a natural extension of the Saarinen table and ghost chairs.  The botanicals, lamps, marbles and amaryllis all help to establish my green palette.


Here is a summer shot of the view I wanted to protect.


Thanks, Don!

The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Nicole

March 16, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Living Room
How I was Inspired by Domino: The Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Domino included a story called “Gray, Cream & Espresso” which featured the most cozy looking room with walls painted an amazing grayish beige color which domino coined “greige” (don’t you love it?!).


I loved the color so much I told myself that when I moved into my new apartment (several months after the issue dropped), I would paint my walls the Ralph Lauren shade of “greige” called Forde Abbey that was featured in the magazine. The funny thing is I went over a friend of my cousins’ apartment shortly after I saw the Domino: she had just painted her living room the same exact color after seeing it in Domino!

Seeing the color in a real apartment sealed the deal for me. So I moved, and I painted my walls Forde Abbey.


I also wanted to recreate the cozy feel of the living room from Domino in my apartment not only by painting the walls the same color but also by using the same gray, cream and espresso color pallete througout the room.


The two photos of my living room above are what the room looked like around a year ago, and the other two below show the most recent incarnation of my living room with a bit of subtle color added to the gray cream and espresso pallete.



Paint: Ralph Lauren Forde Abbey from Home Depot
Sofa-Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams: “Luc” sleeper sofa
Coffee Table & End Table: West Elm
Floor lamp on left of sofa: West Elm
Table lamp on end table: Urban Outfitters
Chair: Phillipe Starck Louis Ghost Chair (in older pic)
Louis XV style chair via ebay, painted gold and reupholstered with Kelly Wearstler/Lee Jofa metalic linen (in new pic)

Thanks, Nicole!


Update: The Domino Inspired My Home Contest

March 16, 2009


Thanks to all who entered The Domino Inspired My Home Contest!  We’ll continue posting the entries through Tuesday, and then open for voting on Wednesday.  It’s up to you to decide who’ll win the title of Domino-Inspired Genius, so make sure to recruit your friends to vote as well!