The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: S. Freeman

March 11, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Bedroom

The elements of the room were strongly influenced by Domino: the combination of high and low (a target towel shelf used as a bedside table, family silver on the dresser), a soothing (but not bland) color palette, the paint on the armoire doors, and of course – ZEBRA!  The zebra frame picks up on other unseen elements in the room, including a zebra stool and black and white books, and adds flair to an otherwise cool color scheme.  The photo over the bed is my own, taken during the height of Washington, D.C.’s cherry blossom festival.

S.'s Bedroom Vignette

S.'s Bedroom Vignette

Thanks, S!


  1. What a nice soothing room, I like it!

  2. Very serene and elegant.

  3. Just wondering if you have the link to the target towel rack you used… I have been looking for a bedside table and this is perfect! Thanks 🙂

  4. I love the textures and the punch that the graphic black and white lends to the room!

  5. VERY nicely done! Kudos!

    Joy and Janet

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  9. Hi. What is the paint color and maker used in this photo? I just bought a house and this is beautiful! I was already thinking of grays and you have sealed the deal.
    Kristina in Austin, TX

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