The Domino Inspired My Home Contest Entry: Kylee

March 18, 2009

dominocontestlogoDomino Inspired Room: My Living Room

Domino inspired a few different aspects of my living room and the way the whole thing came together.  There are three specific looks that I want to point out.

— The blue paint.  I searched for a robin’s egg/seafoam color after seeing it again and again on the pages of Domino.


— Also, the gold mirrors against one wall.  I’m still working on finding more mirrors to fill in the gaps, but that is part of the fun!

— There is a close-up a chair that I am almost done reupholstering.  Talk about DIY!  I’ve never reupholstered before and let me tell you it is tough!  I painted the wood white and changed the fabric from a horrible mauve to a beige grey linen, and was considering doing brass tacks.  Then I saw the loveseat in the dressing room of J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons, which had the normal upholstery tacks, without decorative tacks.  I had never seen that before and kind of like it!  So, I might keep it that way.


— The third thing that I was inspired by are the bookshelves against one wall.  The way I arranged knick-knacks and books came out of Domino.  Besides my favorite books, other things on display include a little water-color painting by my sister, crystal candle holders from my deceased grandmother, a limoges bowl, a framed photo of my childhood home, a special invitation I had framed, etc.  The first bookcase on the left is my boyfriends, so I have little control of what’s on it!  I just let him put his stuff there and then I arranged it the best I could!


Most of my furniture are craigslist finds, including the couch (originally from Macy’s), the coffee table, and both upholstered chairs.  The metal magazine racks, perfect for displaying my Dominos were originally from Pottery Barn, but were craigslist scores.  The rug was from Overstock.com.  The three matching bookcases were from Ikea.


The small blue table in the corner, my favorite, was from Goodwill.  The painting of Gwyneth Paltrow was done by me (a photo of me and Gwyneth can be seen on one of the bookshelves).  The picture of a ballerina is a Moses Sawyer lithograph.  The art board has a charcoal I’m still working on.  The lampshade is from Anthropologie.  The yellow silk pillow on the couch was from a trip to China.  The grey cashmere throw is from Williams-Sonoma Home.


The inspiration photos come from the following issues:


April 06 – Decorating in small spaces.  This is where the Chair Inspiration photo comes from.  Not sure about the story details, because I found the photo in the online galleries at dominomag.com

Dec/Jan 08 – “A Rental with Permanent Appeal” – Markham Roberts NYC apartment, shelves p.141

May 08 – Fabulous Faux, bookcase p. 31
“Master of Illlusion” – Stephen Shubel Marin Cty., mirrors p. 117

Nov 08 – “Totally Modern Timelessness” – Jenna Lyons Brooklyn brownstone, chair p. 111

March 08 – Endnote – Linda Rodin, blue paint p. 138
“Object Lessons” – Lili Diallo Brooklyn loft, blue paint p. 106

Thanks, Kylee!



  1. I really loved this one!

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  3. Nicely done, Kylee. Love the wall color and those chairs especially. Bravo!

    – Sherry & John

  4. Kylee,
    Beautiful place. You have a flare for decorating.

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  6. I love what you’ve done!!! Where did you get that gorgeous galvanized magazine rack below the ballerina art? I’d love to find one like it!

  7. candle holders that are made of porcelain or brass are very nice looking but a bit expensive compared to cast iron-”

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